Construction Services

sDCFC0049Precision Pipeline Solutions, LLC (PPS) completes a variety of utility construction services for our clients including replacements, new installations, leak repairs, and horizontal directional drilling. We also complete the higher technical range of construction functions including Regulator and Gate Station Installations, Hot Stop/Tap/Tie-ins, hydro testing, pipeline purging, and open water crossings.

Active Service Offering

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Leak Repair Services

1leakPrecision Pipeline Solutions, LLC (PPS) offers a turnkey Leak Repair Service to our customers. Activities include: pinpointing, repair, close-out and paperwork completion, including mapping. Our crews are experienced repairing gas leaks on cast iron, bare steel, wrought iron, ductile iron and plastic infrastructure which typically operate at pressures ranging from inches water column (low pressure) up to 125 psig.


All crew personnel are trained on governing standards and are qualified to successfully perform leak repair activities on gas mains and services.

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