Our Process

Primarily, we do not see ourselves as a contractor, but a partner and extension of in-house operations. We take ownership of Your Goals and Objectives and make ourselves accountable for their success. We take on this mindset from field technician through the President of the company. We have been highly successful in taking over projects which are typically not outsourced by utilities by utilizing small scale pilot programs to demonstrate the effectiveness of our solutions, then launch full scale programs that, while ensuring safety and regulatory compliance, escalate our client’s bottom line.

PPS has a wide array of scalable service offerings that can be applied to any utility client. There are contractors in the marketplace, but our competitors are focused on one set of service offerings. PPS’s ability to offer an actual turnkey product including both the technical and construction aspects is a key differentiating factor. As a case study for a client with 80,000 gas customers in the northeast:

1. We perform the door-to-door marketing of their natural gas services to new business customers and support the neighborhood through the conversion process with financing through GE capital and management of certified local heating system installation contractors including the paperwork for any state-mandated energy-efficiency rebates.

2. We complete the engineering, permitting, material procurement and storeroom management; after the project is complete, we provide the as-built diagram, triangulations, and entry into the clients computer systems.

3. We complete the main extension, service installation, tie-ins, meter hanging, and relights.

4. We complete the monthly and annual pressure control compliance inspections and maintenance on the regulator station that supplies the gas to the neighborhood.

5. We complete the annual leak survey, cathodic protection survey, and pipeline patrols.

6. We complete the annual DIMP audit and support the client through regulatory audits.