Professional Services


Precision Pipeline Solutions, LLC (PPS) works with utilities to consolidate mutual resources in order to facilitate the execution of field activities. Our internal professional support resources assist to fill voids in contract management from program management through engineering and clerical support.

Active Service Offering

  • Program Management
  • Design/Engineering
  • Fieldwork Scheduling & Dispatch
  • Scheduling Customer Appointments
  • Database Reconciliation
  • Data Entry/Management
  • Paper Records Management
  • Client Field Software Use
  • Field rechecks of work orders
  • Paving / Restoration Program Supervision
  • As-Built and Service Drawings
  • Inventory / Storeroom Support
  • DIMP Execution/Auditing
  • Management Audits
  • Third Party Oversight/Damage Mitigation
  • ArcGIS Program Support


PPS Personnel

The PPS advantage for Professional Support Services is that we pull from our seasoned field technical workforce of over 275 team members with a multitude of educational and experience-driven backgrounds. Individuals selected to interview with you will have the right skill set and working experience to understand not only the work to be performed but also the field and operating conditions – this approach allows the services to be turnkey support because our people “get it” and can “get it done”.

PPS also has a network of utility industry experts with backgrounds ranging from Regulatory Compliance to Safety and Utility Management. This expertise is tapped not only to deliver support to our teams but also to deliver high-level analysis and consultation on Integrity Management Programs.

Sample of Actual Active Service Offerings

Position Title Description
Stray Voltage Program Manager Our team member administrates the daily activities of the stray voltage testing program, coordinating utility and contract forces, data management, and stray voltage mitigation. Our team member interfaces directly with the Public Service Commission to report the program’s status on the utility’s behalf.
Field Dispatch and Workflow Supervisor Our team member dispatches jobs from client system to PPS field crews, real-time management of production and high priority appointments, tracks & reconciles contractor billing, creates databases for client program management, and manages training schedules.
Gas Improvement Project Design Engineer Our team member designs our client’s multi-million dollar Natural Gas Distribution Improvement Projects fully turnkey from work order through design to material list.
Construction Project Inventory Coordinator Our team member utilizes project designs supplied by our Design Engineer to prepare pipeline, service, meter, and fitting inventory for in-house and contractor crews in-time with construction installation progress schedules, and on the back-end reconciles the pick sheets with as-built drawings and leftover materials.
PCS System Analyst Our team member manages the client’s in-place system (American Innovations Pipeline Compliance System) to enter data collected by client, contractor and PPS field crews, create and/or close out work orders, and prepare reports for client management teams. Our team member also performs sensitive day-to-day clerical operations support for client section heads.
Paving / Restoration Program Oversight Our team member prepares estimates for paving programs, coordinates paving schedules between the utility, installation contractor, paving contractor and municipality. Our team member also rechecks the paved area to confirm design spec, reconcile billing, and pro-actively perform QA to abate potential issues with customers or municipalities and responds to complaints.